Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cuba Trip 3/18 Day1

Travelled to Kelowna airport with Janet's brother, Ron, who will be staying with Janet's Dad while we are away. Ron will bring our SUV back to the airport the day before we return when he flies back home to Dawson Creek, BC.

Check in clerk at the airport seemed surprised that I had completed the online check in which made his job considerably easier. Next was the security check in and after taking everything metallic and placing it in the scanning tubs, I of course still set off the alarm because of all the metal in my leg. So I got a pretty complete hand scan while they tried to ensure that I wasn't packing a weapon somewhere. While you are standing there like an Inukshuk, other people are passing through and grabbing their stuff before you can and while your back in turned they could take your stuff too.

We got on the plane close to take-off time but then for some unknown reason we sat on the runway for a least 10 minutes or more before we could take off. The ride to Calgary was a little bumpy but I got to see a lot of snowy mountain tops on the way. The landing was good. We then faced a 4 hour wait for the next connection flight to Toronto.

We were met by our excited daughter Carmen and her groom to be, Steve.

They had already been there about 4 hours after their flight from Grande Prairie. Steve's Mom from Dawson Creek and Sister from Newfoundland were there as well. They had an 8 hour wait for the connection, so it was a long day for them already.

The flight to Toronto left about midnight and was uneventful and we arrived in the middle of the night. I read 5 chapters in a new book about the life of Genghis Khan, starting with his boyhood challenges of being the second son of 5 sons, all of whom wanted to grow up to be the next Khan. Then I watched a movie and when that was over we were descending into Toronto and there were lots of city lights to look at.

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