Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cuba Trip 3/21 Day 4

A pretty good sleep for me but Janet said she was up constantly with a toothache. Seems that an old filling has lost a chunk or some such thing and she was trying anbesol and pills all night to get by. In the morning its not too bad so hopefully the worst is over.

We decided to take the double decker bus on a tour of Varadero. The bus stop is only down at the end of the road we are told. As we leave the hotel, somebody else says its 2 km away. When we get to the street we find a horse and buggy and its so hot out we pay the 5 pesos and get a buggy ride. It's quaint and romantic and the clop clop down the pavement is a sound you don't hear much.

We get to the bus stop in about 7 minutes, not as far as we expected and the bus is just pulling away, so the buggy driver flags him down, kind of gets in his way type of thing and we get on the bus. We are rushing to the bus and I yell at the buggy driver " What's the horse's name ?" He says Chocolate with a big smile and I tell him that's a great name.

We get off the bus at different shopping areas and find most of the same stuff we had already seen, so not much buying to do. I get a Tilly type hat for 4 pesos to keep some sun off my head. My forehead and top of my head is burnt pretty good by now. I must be getting taller because I am growing right up through my hair. LOL.

When I get back on the bus there aren't many seats and I hit my head on a fan grate sticking down from the roof of the bus. It's sharp and cuts my head right through my new hat. The hats okay but the salty sweat stings like mad and the small cut / scape further adds to the scar tissue and hair loss on the top of my head. I'm not tall by any means, but I figure I must have been shorter in another life because I seem to hit my head a lot.

Back to the hotel for a late lunch and then back to the beach to read my book. It's called the Wolf of the Plains and it's about the life of Genghis Khan. He's only 18 years old so far and I've lost track of how many bad guys he's killed. Starting to wonder who is the bad guy after all.

Late supper tonight planned with the group of 8 and that means about 2 hours of drinking rum before we eat again. It's a tough life, but somebody's got to do it.

Writing this journal, then off to bed.

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  1. I'm enjoying your recollection of Cuba. I've never been, of course, but I have been to Mexico several times. Sounds like Mazatlan, and area. We've taken a couple of cruises down there and it's a lot like what you're describing. Eat, Drink, Play, Sleep, REPEAT. Fruity drinks and Sunshine! Nice pics and beautiful ocean. Looks like you all were having fun and relaxing. Thanks for sharing your journal. It's interesting and humorous!