Friday, March 5, 2010


Have you ever written poetry ?
You have to use your brain

They say just let the words flow
So this it it - here I go.

I was going to call it - Poetry Please
But I think I'll call it - Memories


We've all got memories
But they're not the same

We've all been playing
But not the same game

We've all been places
With a different name

We've all held our hands
Too close to the flame

We've all made mistakes
And we know who's to blame

We've all wanted sunshine
But the rains, they came

We've all wanted riches
But maybe not the fame

We've all told jokes
And some of them were lame

We've all watched wild horses
And wished they were tame

If you are getting tired of this
Then I'm the one to blame

Ha Ha Ha. He's a poet and didn't know it !