Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nice Buns !

Have you ever had a craving that just would not stop ?

I've been thinking about some fresh, hot homemade buns with butter and strawberry jam (from the garden of course) for a few days and to make that itch go away, I just had to scratch it !

And here is the proof positive that this man can cook !

The photo may have been better without a bun missing, but you know that is what happens when fresh buns come out of the oven. They are immediately eaten by the half crazed cook !

Can you smell the fresh bread, taste the butter on your lips and just enjoy this most basic comfort food ?

And that's not all, a second pan was baked and this time the photo was taken first !

Now I'm looking at this photo and getting that old feeling back again. I want to reach in and break one apart and enjoy.

My mother is always right and she says " You are a man of many talents."

When Janet gets home she looks at the table and she says " Nice Buns ". I turn around and pretend to pick up something off the floor and she says it again.

Nice Buns.

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