Sunday, January 31, 2010


The last couple of nights I have sat down at the computer for probably 20 minutes trying to think of something interesting to blog about. It was like digging for water in the Sahara Desert. The more I thought "I can do this", the less I could concentrate and I ended up just surfing some of my favorite websites, reading newspapers and photography blogs.

Tonight, I can't let that happen again. I will write something. What I need is inspiration. But what is inspiration???

So I looked up inspiration in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and the definition is ...

1. a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation,
2. the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions,
3. the act of influencing or suggesting opinions
4. the drawing of air into the lungs

Wow, that just seems to complicate things more. Well except for the last definition, where inspirtion happens probably every 5 seconds. But this is type of inspiration is automatic and I guess if you don't inspire - you expire. 

Now, thinking about the other definitions, the biggest influences and emotions in life now are my grandchildren. They are ...

Shaelyn (5)

Megan (3)

Braedy (2)

 and brand new Kaitlyn.

So there they are, cute kids who take after their mothers who take after their father - me . Shaelyn is big sister to Braedy and Megan is big sister to Kaitlyn.

The inspiration I get from them is magical. I most enjoy just watching them interact with their surroundings and displaying all the body language and personality that is so natural, right from the very youngest and on up.

I get to be their "Poppa" and they get to shout it out loud anywhere and everywhere (maybe a little embarassing at times). They all live close by, so I get to see them regularly, which is a good thing.

I guess not everything I write about needs to be some interesting or exciting activity. The smallest things are still special in their own way and grand kids can be the most special of all.

Inspiration - a childs smile and a hearty "Poppa, Poppa, Poppa"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lookin for Stuff

Today, I think I spent more time looking for stuff than using the stuff I was looking for! Very frustrating.

I suppose the moral of the story is that I need to do more organizing, so I can find the stuff I am looking for. Seems that I buy stuff that I am going to need, and then when I need it, I can't find it.

Sometimes I find stuff that I wasn't looking for that I was once looking for but no longer need it. Then what do I do with it?

Today I found only part of the stuff I was looking for, so I could not do what I wanted to do because I could not find all the stuff I needed.

My mother has this all figured out. She says when you are looking for stuff and can't find stuff, it will always "be in the last place you look!"

Now if I could maybe just look in the last place first, I could find stuff a lot quicker and then be able to spend more time doing stuff than looking for stuff.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blow the Whistle

Tonight I went to a junior hockey game for the first time in a couple of years. I used to go to every game available and while it is good entertainment, the most frustrating item is the refereeing.

Things haven't changed one bit in that regard. Tonight a perfectly good hockey game was significantly influenced by the referee. Several very questionable calls on both teams. And it always seems to be at the most inoportune time.

I think I have a good understanding of the rules and I just can't see how these "professionals" can see what happened that much differently than I do.

The players and the coaches sling all kinds of abuse at them and that must be hard to deal with. Perhaps they can take only so much and then make a snap call, and blow the whistle.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Go Outside and Play

When I was young I heard that a lot. Go outside and play. But be home by supper or be home by dark. Those were the good old days.

On Sunday, while I was down to the Fraser Valley, I went into Vancouver to the Mountain Equipment Co-op store at 130 W. Broadway. This is a big box outdoor outfitters store and they have every conceivable outdoor sports item.

Hiking, mountain climbing, biking, skiing, kayaking, backpacking and everything in between. Lots and lots of gear and good prices too!

I ended up buying a sling bag, a waist pack with water bottle, and bike shorts and bike jerseys for both Janet and I. Nice stuff, probably about half price that can be found locally, if you can find it.

If you get a chance, check it out.

I'm going outside to play now.

Vancouver Motorcycle Show

Last Saturday I took the drive down to the lower mainland to see the Vancouver Motorcycle Show at Tradex in Abbotsford. On arrival, I was surprised to see how many people were parked and walking into the show. What a crowd! This Polaris 800 with tracks will make short work of cleaning the driveway.

Entry was quick though, just hand over your $12 and join the mobile mass of people filing by the displays and booths. People were lining up to sit on all make and model of motorcycles. Lots of chrome on the motorcycles and lots of black leather on the people. The bike below has a V8 engine.

Some great paint jobs on the bikes and lots of cool accessories and leathers for sale. Take a look at this tank paint job representing Canada's hockey jersey. Awesome !

Definately a wide variety of machines. The Polaris Razor S is my toy of choice. This thing will go over 100 kph with gas shocks and you can even take a side-by-side passenger along for a thrill ride.

Man oh man, if I could have what I wanted, I would really have to have a big garage to keep all the toys in. Dream sweet dream.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Day

Today, is another day. Just like yesterday and with a little luck, tommorrow will be another day.

One of the sayings I have often joked about is " Whereever you're at...there you are".

Well today was just another day. Up early doing some surfing until Janet got up. Then some breakfast and a few hours of computer work. Key-punching receipts and invoices for the last fiscal quarter of 2009 getting ready to submit my GST payment. An early lunch sandwich, then outside doing some cleanup of my shop and carport. Back in and watched the Dr. Oz show on tv. Then a good walk and jog on the treadmill. Janet got home from work and checking on her dad in hospital. Glad to hear he's doing ok. Some leftovers for supper. Back in front of the tv, just another day.

Now I am watching the shows fundraising for Haiti. Such a tragedy. Many of us have just another day, while others less fortunate can only dream of having just another day. The images are overwhelming and heart-breaking. Haiti is the first independent black nation in the world and they have struggled on and on and must now struggle even more to make a life for themselves. Their battle now is just to make it another day and another day and another day.

Our lives are broken down into a series of moments. And it is only this moment that we have to live. Whatever is important to you in life, whatever you are passsionate about, it is only right now that you have a chance to do something with your life.

Tomorrow will be just another day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Favorite song lyrics.

If you listen to music, you probably have some favorite song lyrics. These songs become a part of you and it is interesting how your choices of songs vary over time.

I remember way back when, the very first single 45 rpm record I purchased (and still get a kick out of) was a little song by "The Troggs" called Wild Thing

Wild make my heart make everything...groovy...Wild thing...Wild thing...I think I love you.

Another great old tune was by "Tommy James and the Shondells" called Crimson and Clover.

Ahhh...I don't hardly know her...But I think I could love her...Crimson and Clover...Over and Over.

Then there was the "Bee Gees" with Words.

Smile and everlasting smile...A smile can bring you near to me...Don't ever let me find you gone...Cause that would bring a tear to me.

How about "Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band"  doing Against the Wind.

It seems like only yesterday...But it was long ago...Janey was the queen of my nights...There in the darkness...With the radio playing low.

Maybe throw in a little "Bryan Adams" with the mega hit Back to You.

I've been down...I've been beat...I've been so tired I could not speak...I've been so lost that I could not see...I wanted things that were out of reach..Then I found you and you helped me through...and you showed me what to do...And that's why I'm coming back to you.

Mix in a little "Credence Clearwater Revival" with a great tune, Who'll Stop the Rain

Long as I remember...The rain been comin' down...Clouds of mystery pourin...Confusion on the ground...Good men through the ages...Tryin' to find the sun...and I wonder...Still I wonder...Who'll stop the rain.

Somebody Stop Me ! The old days were great, but the new days are great too.

More recent stuff might include "Blake Shelton" and Nobody but Me.

Don't waste your time lookin' over your shoulder...Those loves from the past ain't gettin' no closer...When I look in my future you're all that I see...Don't go lovin' on nobody but me.

There's "Big and Rich" beltin' out Love Train

I see people gettin' mad at CNN...Who's right - democrats or republicans...I don't care who's right or wrong...I know a way we can get along...Let's take a ride...Let's take a ride on the Love Train.

Can't forget "James Blunt" with Beautiful.

Yah, she caught my eye...As we walked on by...She could see from my face...That I was flying high...And I don't think that I'll see her again...But we shared a moment...That will last till the end.

I better shut it down now, so there is no better finish than the classic by "Leonard Cohen" and the intense Closing Time.

All the women tear their blouses off...And the men they dance on the polka dots..And its partner found and partner lost...And it's hell to pay when the fiddler stops...It's closing time...It's closing time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coco the Wonder Dog

Here is a photo of Janet and Coco taken last fall while out at one of the local parks.

Coco is our constant companion and is a lot of fun to be around. When either of us is gone, she sits patiently by the door awaiting our return.

Good Dog - Coco

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Have you gone on a Treasure Hunt lately?

Recently, I have taken an interest in what is called "Geocaching".

This is a world wide game of hide and seek. Now this geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) involves a geocacher hiding a geocache out there in the wide, wide world, then pin-pointing its location using GPS (global positioning system) technology.

Next these GPS co-ordinates (longitude and latitude) and shared online with anyone who wishes to seek the treasure.

The technology and signing up to play are free, the only cost is for the handheld GPS device and these can be purchased for anywhere from $99 to $999. All do the same fuction, but may have more added features.

Janet and I (and Coco our pomeranian) have been playing this grown up hide and seek since just after Christmas. So far we have found 9 caches of the 11 we went looking for. They can range from a cache the size of a old 35mm film canister to a 1 gallon plastic mustard jar.

Basically, you find the cache (usually after some sleuthing and maybe lots of hiking), you record your geocaching name on the paper record in the cache, you may exchange small items located in the cache, you return home and record your find online.

Check it out at

We have had some great hikes to places we did not know were there. Sometime soon we will begin placing our own caches and then we can follow on line as other geocachers find our caches and record their comments on the site.

When in Doubt, Start at the Beginning

Hi there !  I have just opened a new blog and this is the first post. Ha Ha

I used to think a post was part of a fence. I've dug many post holes in my time, but this is the first time I have typed a post.

Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks.