Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lookin for Stuff

Today, I think I spent more time looking for stuff than using the stuff I was looking for! Very frustrating.

I suppose the moral of the story is that I need to do more organizing, so I can find the stuff I am looking for. Seems that I buy stuff that I am going to need, and then when I need it, I can't find it.

Sometimes I find stuff that I wasn't looking for that I was once looking for but no longer need it. Then what do I do with it?

Today I found only part of the stuff I was looking for, so I could not do what I wanted to do because I could not find all the stuff I needed.

My mother has this all figured out. She says when you are looking for stuff and can't find stuff, it will always "be in the last place you look!"

Now if I could maybe just look in the last place first, I could find stuff a lot quicker and then be able to spend more time doing stuff than looking for stuff.

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