Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Day

Today, is another day. Just like yesterday and with a little luck, tommorrow will be another day.

One of the sayings I have often joked about is " Whereever you're at...there you are".

Well today was just another day. Up early doing some surfing until Janet got up. Then some breakfast and a few hours of computer work. Key-punching receipts and invoices for the last fiscal quarter of 2009 getting ready to submit my GST payment. An early lunch sandwich, then outside doing some cleanup of my shop and carport. Back in and watched the Dr. Oz show on tv. Then a good walk and jog on the treadmill. Janet got home from work and checking on her dad in hospital. Glad to hear he's doing ok. Some leftovers for supper. Back in front of the tv, just another day.

Now I am watching the shows fundraising for Haiti. Such a tragedy. Many of us have just another day, while others less fortunate can only dream of having just another day. The images are overwhelming and heart-breaking. Haiti is the first independent black nation in the world and they have struggled on and on and must now struggle even more to make a life for themselves. Their battle now is just to make it another day and another day and another day.

Our lives are broken down into a series of moments. And it is only this moment that we have to live. Whatever is important to you in life, whatever you are passsionate about, it is only right now that you have a chance to do something with your life.

Tomorrow will be just another day.

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