Thursday, January 21, 2010

Favorite song lyrics.

If you listen to music, you probably have some favorite song lyrics. These songs become a part of you and it is interesting how your choices of songs vary over time.

I remember way back when, the very first single 45 rpm record I purchased (and still get a kick out of) was a little song by "The Troggs" called Wild Thing

Wild make my heart make everything...groovy...Wild thing...Wild thing...I think I love you.

Another great old tune was by "Tommy James and the Shondells" called Crimson and Clover.

Ahhh...I don't hardly know her...But I think I could love her...Crimson and Clover...Over and Over.

Then there was the "Bee Gees" with Words.

Smile and everlasting smile...A smile can bring you near to me...Don't ever let me find you gone...Cause that would bring a tear to me.

How about "Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band"  doing Against the Wind.

It seems like only yesterday...But it was long ago...Janey was the queen of my nights...There in the darkness...With the radio playing low.

Maybe throw in a little "Bryan Adams" with the mega hit Back to You.

I've been down...I've been beat...I've been so tired I could not speak...I've been so lost that I could not see...I wanted things that were out of reach..Then I found you and you helped me through...and you showed me what to do...And that's why I'm coming back to you.

Mix in a little "Credence Clearwater Revival" with a great tune, Who'll Stop the Rain

Long as I remember...The rain been comin' down...Clouds of mystery pourin...Confusion on the ground...Good men through the ages...Tryin' to find the sun...and I wonder...Still I wonder...Who'll stop the rain.

Somebody Stop Me ! The old days were great, but the new days are great too.

More recent stuff might include "Blake Shelton" and Nobody but Me.

Don't waste your time lookin' over your shoulder...Those loves from the past ain't gettin' no closer...When I look in my future you're all that I see...Don't go lovin' on nobody but me.

There's "Big and Rich" beltin' out Love Train

I see people gettin' mad at CNN...Who's right - democrats or republicans...I don't care who's right or wrong...I know a way we can get along...Let's take a ride...Let's take a ride on the Love Train.

Can't forget "James Blunt" with Beautiful.

Yah, she caught my eye...As we walked on by...She could see from my face...That I was flying high...And I don't think that I'll see her again...But we shared a moment...That will last till the end.

I better shut it down now, so there is no better finish than the classic by "Leonard Cohen" and the intense Closing Time.

All the women tear their blouses off...And the men they dance on the polka dots..And its partner found and partner lost...And it's hell to pay when the fiddler stops...It's closing time...It's closing time.

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  1. hey a walk down memory lane for me.