Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kids at the Park

Yesterday we arranged to meet with our daughter Michelle and her two daughters, Megan and Kaitlyn, at the park here in town. The kids rode in their side by side stroller and Michelle walked and pushed them the half mile to the park. We were in town running errands and it made for a nice break in the day.

I got to hold baby Kaitlyn for a while and make silly faces and strange noises so she would smile. Or maybe she just thinks I'm a crazy man at the park !

She is a sweetie and while we all thought Megan was a happy and calm baby, this little sister is ever more so. Quite content to look around and amuse herself. Something definantely needs attention before she will express herself. You know how it goes, it's either one end or the other. The feed bag or the diaper bag.

Of course she was held by her Nana too.

It was a sunny afternoon but still a cool breeze and relatively cool out.

Megan was very happy to get back to the park playground and she is very friendly with any other kids who come along.

Megan has a mind of her own and seems to take pleasure in not doing anything I suggested on the playground. I will have to spend more time with her outside now as the weather improves.

Here she is having fun on the slide.

It's always fun to go and play at the park no matter if you are my mom's kid, my kid, or my kid's kid. We are all kids at the park.


  1. Very nice Dad! Many more time at the park to come...and the beach this summer :)

  2. The pic of Kaitlyn and "Nana" is a particularly sweet one. I'm a Grandma, I recognize the love!