Sunday, February 14, 2010

Define Canada Speech

Define Canada

You might say the home of the Rocket,
Or the Great One,
Who inspired little # 9's or # 99's
Who are more than just hockey
Or fishing lines
Off the rocky coast of the maritimes.
And some say what defines us
Is something as simple as
Please and Thank You.
And as for You're Welcome,
Well we say that too.
But we are more than
Gentile and civilized.
We are an idea
In the process of being realized.
We are young.
We have cultures strung together
And then woven into a tapestry.
And the design is what makes us more
Than the sum total of history.
We are an experiment
Going right for a change.
With influences arranged from A to Zed.
And yes we say Zed instead of Zee.
We are the brightness of Chinatown
And the laughter of Little Italy.
We dream so big that there are those
Who would call our ambition an industry.
Because we have vineyards
Of good year after good year.
We reforest because we believe
In generations beyond our own.
Knowing now that so many of us
Have grown past what we used to be.
We can stand here today
Filled with all the hope
People have when they say things
Like .... someday.
Cause we are more
Than just a laundry list
Of things to do and places to see.
More than hills to ski
And countryside ponds to skate.
We are the abandoned hesitation
Of all those who can't wait.
We are the first rate greasy spoon
And healthy living cafes.
A country that is all the ways
You choose to live.
A nation that can give you variety
Because we have choices.
We have millions upon millions of voices
Shouting keep exploring.
We are more.
We are the surprise the world
Has in store for you.
It's true.
Canada is the What's in What's New.
So don't let your luggage
Define your travels.
Each life unravels differently.
And experiences are what make up
The color of our tapestry.
We are the True North,
Strong and Free.
And what's more is that
We did not just say it,
We made it be.


  1. You could do a whole blog on the last two lines; We did not just say it, We made it be. Or Don't let your luggage define your travels, or...There's so much in this speech.

    Life is what happens when we aren't looking.

  2. qhoooot whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yao jojo