Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life is a Puzzle

For the last week or more I have been working on a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle picture could be anything, but it just so happens to be a puzzle of a Koala Bear in a tree.

The interesting thing about this puzzle is that it is so very difficult. And it is only 500 pieces !

There is basically only 2 colors, the mottled grey colors of the koala and the mottled green colors of the leaves. Colors I can deal with usually, but the really hard part of this puzzle is the way the puzzle pieces are cut. They are so similar cut that just about any piece can be placed together and often several pieces placed, but then the colors just don't quite work out.

Sections have to be torn apart and rebuilt again to enable further pieces to be placed. A few areas I have taken apart and rebuilt maybe 3 or 4 times before it all fits. This is a complete exercise in patience, frustration and perserverance.

My good wife and daughters who have spent maybe 10 minutes each working on it, give up and tell me to get rid of it. "That's ridiculous" or "that's impossible" are the comments.

For me, it has now become a challenge I just have to complete it. I am now about 80 % done and still am able only to place a few pieces at a time.

Now I may be thinking way too hard, but don't you think life is like a puzzle ?

Life does not come with an instruction book.

You don't know if its better to start in the middle or work on the edge pieces first.

Sometimes it goes green for a while and then everything seems all grey and its difficult to make any progress.

There are times when its 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

There are times when people try to help you, but in the end you have to do the work yourself.

When you do get a part of your life finished you can look back on it with fond rememberance. It wasn't all smooth going but you got it done in the end.

The future still looks difficult, but you know it can be accomplished with just a little more work.

Well now - back to the puzzle - back to life.

Wish me luck ! (But that's another story)

Today's Weather : Low 0.0, High 6.0, Overcast most of the day with a few small pockets of blue sky peeking through.

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  1. You are getting serious with your blogging! And the puzzle, good on ya! I love puzzles too and maybe if I wasn't chasing Megan and wasn't busy with Kaitlyn I could spend some time and patience on a puzzle. I do like doing them, but all my patience is spent....good luck finishing it!