Friday, February 26, 2010


Today my 5 year old granddaughter Shaelyn came over for a visit and she found me at the computer doing some arranging of photos into more descriptive files.

She watched me transfer some recent photos to the appropriate files and then asked if I had some photos of her.

Of course I do, probably more photos of her than anyone else.

I showed her where her name appeared in the listing and opened the file. I sort my photos by file and then by date, so the file started off with pictures of her oh so pregnant mother. Then her newborn photos on the weigh scale and held by Mom and Dad and Janet and I.

We worked our way through the photos, with her getting older and bigger right before our eyes. She commented quite often that she did not remember that, and as time went on, she finally started to remember things.

The first one she remembered was a teddy bear and she got kind of sad thinking about it. It must no longer be around.  I think next was a dress she remembered, a winter coat, and a pug dog her mother had that had died after getting bit by a paralyzing tick. She was pretty sad about that.

When the photos got more current she asked me if I could show her some photos of her mom when she was little. This was a little hard to explain to her. All she has ever known is digital cameras and computers.

I had to try and explain that they were printed pictures in albums and they were out in storage and we could not look at them right now.

"But why aren't they in the computer ?" she asked.

Well that would be a really big job to do because each photo would have to be scanned into digital format and than imported into the computer. A little too hard for her to understand.

I do have to agree though that it would be great if I had all our photos and slides transferred to digital. But what a huge job that would be !

Kids have a natural way of coming to the point quickly and expecting an answer that they can agree with right away. Maybe someday I will be able to live up to her expectations.

Today's Weather : Low - 3.5, High 5.5, a fairly nice day today.

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  1. Why not dig out one of those old picture albums and show them to Shaelyn. She is the perfect age to be open to a history lesson about those good ole days!

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