Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Park

Yesterday I had to drive into Penticton to make a bank deposit and the sun was out, so I took along the camera. I was hoping for a calm day, but alas the wind was blowing a bit and that doesn't help picture taking much.

Anyhow, on the way back home I stopped off at one of the roadside park pull-outs and snapped few photos.

Typically, winter here in mid February should be -5 to -15 and likely a foot or more of snow on the ground. However, this has been an extremely mild winter and there is no snow sticking around and the temperature is at least + 5.

Here is what it looks like on Okanagan Lake in February.



Table for Two ?

Winter storm damage

And here is Janet laughing at my dumb "smile for the camera" comments.

It was a nice little stop-over on the road, but darn cold with that wind blowing.

Remember, wherever you're at ---- there you are !

Today's Weather : Low -5.1, High 5.3, a nice sunny day but wind blowing and a little too cool to get much done outside.

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  1. Nice pics Al. Looks a lot like Montana on the Clark Fork River. We have no snow also!