Monday, February 8, 2010

Time Well Wasted

Well now, I've been doing this blogging thing for a couple of weeks and I have to admit I kind of enjoy it. It is a challenge to come up with something to write about at times, and other times there seems to be a lot of ideas rattling around in my head.

I think as time goes on, it will give me incentive to work on my photography. Mostly because I think people are always interested in looking at photos and I will have to continue to take more photos in order that the content is current and there will be something to say about the photos.

Getting those photos will get me outside and I am bound to get more exercise looking for that perfect photo.

I think I will add another feature to these blogs. And that is to record the weather for the day. With my interior / exterior weather station, I can find the low temperature last night and the high temperature today. I should also mention when it rains or snows and anything interesting in the days weather. So here is my first weather post.

Today's Weather  :Low - 2.0, High  4.5, snow in the morning changing to rain, a little brighter in the afternoon.

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