Monday, February 15, 2010

Marketing Bilodeau

Corporate Canada will now be rushing to prepare marketing plans that include Alexandre Bilodeau.

The Gold Medal will soon turn into real gold for Bilodeau. He has the achievement, family and likeability that marketing plans have been yearning for. With the economy slowly improving now, companies are more likely to begin spending again on advertising and who would not want their company associated with Bilodeau.

I've read he has assocations now with Nike and McDonalds and I think he's already on a cereal box. I am sure we will see much more of his face in the coming year.

The Canadian Mint is producing commemerative coins and Canada Post is issuing stamps.

His success will also allow increased funding to trickle down to his sport and other athletes.

Congratulations Alex, you make us all proud.

As the games continue, other heros may emerge. I hope they do, but the first one is always special.

Today's Weather : Low - 1.6, High 10.2, a cloudy start and then a good bit of sun in the afternoon. The sun now seems to have some heat to it, and by all accounts it appears to be a early spring this year.

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